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SunRiSing Chemical

Shenzhen Sunrising Industry Co., ltd. Is a multi-industry enterprise, which engaged in manufacturing and exporting in various fields. Among of all, agrochemical and footwear are two main divisions. Please refer to each division for further information. Agrochemical DivisionPesticides, herbicides, fungicides are our major plant protection products. These products exported 6 continents over 10 years. Our company experienced a process from simply trading and generic formulation processing, now swift to independent R& D, experts to actively guide and make influence to clients. We help client register and recommend more environmental friendly products. Furthermore, we make all our efforts to develop and match what c...

Shenzhen Sunrising Industry Co., ltd.

Address: 2108C,Zhenye International Business Center, NO.3101-90 Qianhai RD, Nanshang District, Shenzhen,China

Tel: +86 755 86571158 / 86571159 / 86571160

Fax: +86 755 26600758

Mobile: +86-13823179287



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